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They are amazing! They can fix anything and they are always there when they say they are going to be. I’m a property manager and I use them for all of my houses, which says a lot. They are total professionals and extremely trustworthy.

Kim F.

" I had doubts that our grill would recover from 4 years of cooking and neglecting to give it a deep cleaning. These guys returned it to as-new condition and I couldn't be happier to recommend them.

They arrived as scheduled, did their work, cleaned up after themselves and sent me the invoice afterward. Flawless execution. "

Mark K.

" These guys are amazing. We had our Weber Genesis 10 year old grill deep cleaned and it is like new again. Not only was the price good, but they were so professional and so thorough with regard to all the work on the grill. The lead person was very clear on what needed to be replaced, and charged a very reasonable price to replace broken parts. He also let me know what I needed to order for the future as other parts were ready to be replaced but not essential. Really everything you could expect from someone working on your home ....honest and very very reasonable. "

David G

" I've had my grill cleaned before and it looked good. I had my grill cleaned by GrillTor yesterday. Not only was it clean but it looked brand new.
Xavier worked meticulously on each part of the grill, taking it apart, cleaning each piece, and putting it back together. He is a courteous professional who must do A+ work.
I am more than satisfied with the finished product and recommend this company highly. "

Scott F.

" Xavier cleaned our very dirty Weber grill and was thorough, professional, courteous and very easy to work with. He arrives with all the cleaning tools, a tent to keep out the sun while he worked, his own table and he scrubbed for over 3 1/2 hours. His fee was so reasonable it merited a big tip. I highly recommend Xavier for grill cleaning. "

Susan G.

" Would absolutely use them again. Amazing job. Thank you. "

Devlin E.

" Accidentally called Grilltor after a Google search thinking they were near our home in East Hampton, CT, not NY...ooops. Fortunately, their extremely personable and knowledgeable staff was able to walk me through a grill repair over the phone. I was completely taken back by the exceptional customer service and willingness to solve our problem even though they were hundreds of miles away. An absolutely too notch business. "


" Xavier has been cleaning my grill for a few years now. He's amazing, I've never seen my grill look brand new after a few months of heavy grilling!! He's professional, a good value and I have recommended him to several of my friends. "

Randi S.

" Such a fantastic service. They came to my house within ONE HOUR(!) and fixed my grill on the spot. I was ready to buy a new one, but the nice serviceman fixed my grill. 

I would also like to note that I was CLEARLY clueless in regards to grill, and not only did he not take advantage, he charged me a super fair price! "


Xavier was on time , neat , clean and courteous! He replaced Weber parts inside our grill and it now works like new. I highly recommend his services. Robert M East Hampton.

Bob M

" Xavier was professional, honest and knowable. The problem with the grill was my mistake and he fixed the problem within minutes. He’s the best. "

Dianna M.

" Very prompt, professional and thorough. Highly recommended. "

Julie M.

Xavier did an amazing job of fixing my Blaze grill.

Steven C.

Fabiola M.

David S.


" We had a great experience with Grillator. We have a Weber grill that needed a full refurbishing and cleaning. Xavier, the technician, did a great job. We highly recommend them! "

Barry K.

My best find of the summer. They do an amazing job cleaning and repairing BBQ grills. They have done over ten for me already this season. And are the most professional and nicest gentleman I've worked with in a long time. Donna Estate Concierge LLC


It was a team of 2 and they were professional. My 10 year old Weber gas grill looks brand new. They replaced igniter and 2 wheels. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Shelly A.

Responded quickly to the request for service, showed up at the appointment on time, fixed my problem very quickly. Very personable

Jennifer F.


Alejandro B.

Did a great job.

Buddhi A.

First class job.

Al G.

Just the best!

Caroline M.

" I called Xavier on a rainy Sunday thinking I would have to leave a message, but he immediately answered. I explained the situation involving my Weber propane grill which no longer heated to a temperature beyond 200 degrees. After answering several questions, he quickly figured out the problem. An hour later he arrived, told me I did not need a new regulator, just the nobs for turning on the fuel were installed improperly; he re-installed them and my burner works perfectly now. He graciously discounted his fee and I returned the new regulator to the hardware store (which thankfully I had not opened from the box). Xavier is extremely knowledgeable, honest and hard working. "

Patrick D.

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