BBQ Grill Repair

Your Trusted BBQ Grill Repair Experts!

If you are looking for a BBQ Grill Repair company, BBQ Grill Restoration company or BBQ Grill Installation company, look no further you have come to the right place.  We have you covered!

BBQ Grill Repair

To request a Grill Repair Service simply give us a Call or fill out our online Service request Form.

Please, be ready to provide us with the Make and Model of your BBQ Grill and a detailed description of the issue your grill may present.

BBQ Grill Repair by Grilltor

Is Your BBQ Grill having one of these problems?

  • Grill won't light.
  • Low or Insufficient Heat.
  • Large Yellow or Orange flames.
  • Uneven Heating/Hot Spots.
  • Flame comes from behind the control panel.
  • Smell of gas while cooking.
  • Burner goes out when set to Low.
  • Lights won't illuminate.

Whichever the scenario may be, We are here to help.

At Grilltor we have experienced and Factory Authorized Service Technicians with the ability and knowledge to work with many Makes and Models of gas grills.

We are also able to provide with any grill replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.

Brands we Service:

We can perform BBQ Grill Cleaning Service for most major brands, makes, and models.


Your BBQ Grill is one Call or Click away from looking and performing at its best.

We also provide Service Plans. Contact us for More Information